Protection, education and integration of all children


Since 1984, Planète Enfants & Développement has only one ambition: to give a chance to children in danger in Asia and Africa to grow, to bloom and to pass on.

Why Planète Enfants & Développement?


of children under 5 years old survive on -1,60€ / day

of children under 5 are malnourished

million children do not go to school in the world

Extreme poverty forces many parents in the world, in a situation of survival, to sacrifice the education of their children. Millions of children will not go to nursery or school because their parents are excluded from society, because they live too far away or simply because these institutions do not exist.

Where they do exist, in some areas of Asia and Africa, educators and teachers are poorly trained, sometimes unpaid. It is not uncommon for them to have no school materials or to have poor quality materials.

Many countries have understood the importance of protecting and educating children, but they are often faced with a lack of human and financial resources. The most marginalized populations are not always aware of the services to which they are entitled and the laws that apply. These same laws are sometimes flouted by the weight of tradition.

For Planète Enfants & Développement, exclusion, discrimination, neglect and abuse of children are unacceptable.

Our ambition: equal opportunities for all children

Our mission for abused children

From this interconnected world, we wish to build an environment that protects, integrates and educates disadvantaged children, citizens in the making.

association for children

PE&D in brief in 2020


children protected, awake, in school

people affected by our projects


of the budget for the social mission

local and operational partners

international employees


Our main principles

Agility, deployment of projects in start-up mode

Cooperation and co-construction of "tailor-made" projects thanks to a strong local presence

Respect for rights, gender equality and the environment


Stakeholder empowerment

A team of local and international experts

Operating costs limited to 15% of the budget

Our approach

As a human-sized NGO, Planète Enfants & Développement works in partnership with local populations and actors to guarantee the relevance of projects, their autonomy and their impact. It seeks efficiency and results, while being in a process of permanent progress. 

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