The history of Planète Enfants & Développement

Enfants & Développement and Planète Enfants were two organizations with shared values and a common vision that decided to merge in order to increase their impact in the field of child protection and development.

Enfants & Développement was founded on 26 April 1984 by Mrs Danièle Cheysson. Originally called “SOS Enfants du Cambodge” (“SOS Cambodian Children”), its objective was to help child victims of the Cambodian genocide. It was the first French non-governmental organization to operate permanently in Cambodia. Over time, Enfants & Développement developed its expertise and became a legitimate actor in various fields including social issues, education, health and professional training. Like Planète Enfants, Enfants & Développement took care to implement its programs by working alongside local populations in order to avoid any state of dependence. Enfants & Développement then expanded its activities in Asia (with projects in Nepal and Vietnam) and Africa (in Burkina Faso).

Planète Enfants, founded in 1992, was conceived following a trip to Kathmandu by its founder. Nepal is a place where spectacular nature lives alongside cultural wonders, but it also one of the world’s poorest countries and one of the most affected by violence generally, and particularly towards children. With an aim from the very beginning of providing solidarity and support for extremely deprived groups, Planète Enfants led ad-hoc aid projects in various countries until 2006. These projects provided aid for schooling, support for homeless children living on the street, and nutrition programs, among other things. The organization then made the decision to focus on activities in Nepal that help protect children and to combat violence. Planète Enfants developed a particular expertise in the fields of prevention, awareness campaigning and protection against trafficking for children and girls, as well as nationwide issues rooted in poverty, ignorance and gender discrimination. Planète Enfants was also at the heart of the “Together Against Trafficking” collective in France.

Planète Enfants & Développement is the product of a merger between two organizations with shared values and a desire to join forces to build a world in which children are protected from violence and exploitation in all their forms, and where they can grow up surrounded by their families and communities.

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Stéphanie Selle


“It is vital that international solidarity NGOs working for children join forces and cooperate with civil societies to guarantee protection for children.”

Véronique Jenn-Treyer


“This coming together reflects Enfants & Développement’s desire to expand its programmes to help the most deprived children.  The  merger has enabled us to enhance  our  financial solidity and  our ability to take action.”