Vision and mission of Planète Enfants & Développement

Our vision: a world where children are protected from violence and exploitation of all forms, and where they can grow up surrounded by their families and communities.

Our mission is to work comprehensively and holistically for vulnerable children by creating conditions conducive to their well-being and development by means of our protection, health, education, integration and family support services. We place a particularly strong emphasis on the issue of trafficking in order to protect and shield the groups that we work with from it.

We have identified 5 paths of action that allow us to provide children with effective help:

⇒ Early childhood development (0 – 6 years)
⇒ Family support
⇒ Protection for children and young girls against violence
⇒ Maternal and infant health
⇒ Socio-professional integration

To carry out our mission as effectively as possible, Planète Enfants & Développement takes all appropriate measures:
– Building humanitarian programs first-hand, or in partnership with others, in France and abroad,
– Creating and managing one or several branches and delegations, etc., if necessary,
– Implementing communications and awareness activities,
– Organizing or participating in conferences and other events, as well as drafting and publishing documents, in order to share experience and to spread good practice.

Planète Enfants & Développement is based on 7 values that guide its action and its decisions

1. Non-discrimination
PE&D is committed to working with the most disadvantaged children, without religious, sexual, or ethnical discrimination to ensure their full development.

2. Universal Rights Promotion
The Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the International Convention on the Rights of the Child are the two main references of PE&D. The association is committed to the promotion and respect of universal rights of children in all the countries of intervention, including France.

3. Pertinence and Pragmatism
PE&D strives to address not only the symptoms of poverty and human trafficking but also the causes. It chooses its area of intervention and activities pragmatically according to potential efficiency and impact, taking into account local traditions and know-how.

4. Accountability
PE&D is committed to, with its beneficiaries, its partners, and its donors, provide transparent and accurate information on the use of its resources. PE&D implements information systems and management procedures that allow complete traceability and rigorous control of its resources. PE&D is committed to limit its office management and fundraising costs.

5. Autonomization
PE&D acts to reinforce the autonomy and the capacity of local populations and local partners to ensure a sustainable development within the communities of the countries of intervention.

6. Responsibility
With reference to the principle “primum non nocere”, PE&D ensures that its actions do not impose social, societal, or environmental impacts that are harmful.

7. Independence
PE&D is an organization non-denominational and apolitical. It makes sure to diversify its financial resources to ensure its independence.

The status of PE&D are accessible by clicking here (in French)

We place a particularly strong emphasis on the issue of trafficking to protect and shield the groups that we work with from it.