Planète Enfants & Développement beneficiaries

Who are they? Children, women and men with and/or for whom we work. They benefit directly from our activities.

Children whose mothers work in the sex trade, homeless children living on the street, children from vulnerable families and children with little to no access to health or preschool education services.

Girls and women
More specifically, women who are vulnerable and of childbearing age as well as women and girls who have survived violence or suffer from domestic violence, who have been the victim of trafficking or who work in the sex trade.

Men play an important role in our work, especially in terms of contributing to changing mentalities and combating violence against women and children.

Results of our activities in 2018: 

In 2018, there were 21 963 individuals directly reached by one or more activities of PE&D in our four countries of intervention. Among them:

⇒ 516 families supported,

⇒ 3159 women and children protected or prevented from violence,

⇒ 307 young people supported in their social and professional inclusion,

⇒ 1119 Vietnamese children ages 0 to 5 taken care of by the monthly health and nutrition checkups,

⇒ 16 public nursery school teachers in Kathmandu received training on Early Childhood,

⇒ 250 vulnerable homes in Cambodia identified for reconstruction,

⇒ 539 children were given uniforms to promote schooling at the CEEP (Awareness and Preschool Education Centers) in Burkina Faso.