Awareness of education through radio in Nepal

26 Apr, 2021

Awareness of education through radio in Nepal

To encourage parents to enroll their children in kindergarten, we launched an advertising campaign on local radio stations in Kathmandu and Dhading, Nepal.

In the radio spot, a father laments that his daughter doesn't have much time for fun and games. A teacher asked him if his daughter would be willing to go to a preschool. He replied that he was not aware of the existence of such facilities. He thinks that she will be enrolled in primary school. The teacher emphasizes the importance of play in childhood development. Her arguments about the importance of schooling from an early age finally changed his mind.

This spot aims to inform and deconstruct the preconceived ideas that some parents have. In order for it to resonate, it is translated into different local languages.

In Nepal, there are few public pre-schools where teachers are specifically trained in the needs of early childhood. Parents who have the means to do so turn to private structures that are more recognized but also more expensive.

To improve the quality of community and public preschools and thus encourage parents to send their children to school at an early age, we train preschool teachers.

April 26, 2021


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