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An international solidarity association dedicated to the protection, education and integration of vulnerable children.

Our history

From pediatric health, to the development of educational systems, to the social protection of families and the fight against exploitation: more than 37 years of field experience

Our team

More than 70 local and international employees, a Board of Directors of 12 members and nearly 300 volunteer days per year.

Our partners

Cooperation and co-construction with local partners to promote the longevity of projects and the autonomy of populations


85% of resources collected are dedicated to the social mission in 2020. Projects evaluated and accounts audited each year.

Our missions

early childhood development

Care and stimulation are essential for toddlers

Protection from violence

A protective and stable environment promotes children's development

Maternal and Child health

Unattended pregnancies and malnutrition still kill

Family support

Tackling extreme family poverty gives their children more opportunities

Socio-professional integration

Helping isolated youth to better integrate them into society


Let's advocate for changes and enforcement of laws that protect children and their mothers

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