Planète Enfants & Développement has been in Cambodia since 1984


Since the end of the civil war in 1991, Cambodia has experienced some form of political and economic stability. The country today benefits from one of the most dynamic economic growth in the world thanks to textile industry, construction and real estate, tourism and agriculture.

But this growth forgets the most vulnerable and creates new poverty pockets.

Despite tangible progress and a strong willingness of the government to catch up economically, much still needs to be done. In 2019, the country still ranks among the least developed countries according to the United Nations.

In cities, wealthy investors and businessmen, live alongside the poorest people, street sellers, scavengers… In Phnom Penh, 1 person out of 5 lives in a slum. In these districts, children live in very precarious conditions, all the more exposed to illnesses and violence.

Workers in factories, on construction sites or in the fields, have difficult working conditions, often not benefiting from any type of social protection, and struggle to access to healthcare and childcare services.

In the villages, many toddlers live with their grand-parents, receiving few care and stimulation.  They access often enroll in school late and the majority of them do not complete primary school.

Our approach

Planete Enfants & Développement is the first French NGO settled in Cambodia after the Khmer genocide, in 1984.

Thanks to many years of field experience, our expertise is now acknowledged by the Ministries of Health, Labor and Education, Youth and Sport with whom we are collaborating in order to improve legal framework.

In Cambodia, our work focuses on development of early childhood, maternal and child health in garment factories, family support and renovation of precarious housing for the most vulnerable living in slums, and finally fight against domestic violence.

Since 2017, we have been improving the working conditions of women workers in the textile sector by providing them with access to health and childcare services.

We actively contribute to professional early childhood care (0-6 years), by acting on 2 essential aspects: quality and accessibility.

In 2010, we set up an Early Childhood Resource Centre (ECRC) in Phnom Penh to offer trainings, teaching materials and educational tools to professionals in the sector. The centre is now entirely managed by our local partner Krousar Yoeung.

Since January 2020, with the financial support of the European Union, a new project is implemented to support 100 community preschools in 4 Cambodian provinces. Together with our local partner Bandos Komar, we support local authorities and communities in improving quality and ensuring sustainability of the schools. At the same time, the project is also promoting gender equality by working with mothers, teachers (98% are female) and social affairs departments within decentralized local authorities.

Since 2016, we have been providing social assistance services to families in the precarious neighbourhoods of Phnom Penh. On site, our social workers follow the families at home or in social centres.

We train groups of volunteer residents to identify at-risk housing in their neighborhoods. This participatory method then enables us to accompany families in the renovation of their housing.

Thanks to the mobilization of social workers, we accompany women victims of domestic violence. To increase the impact of this protection and prevention work, we involve men in the fight against gender-based violence.

Official Name: Kingdom of Cambodia
181 035 km2 (WB, 2018)
Population: 16.25 million (WB, 2018)
Capital: Phnom Penh (1.5 million, World Population Review, 2018)
Life expectancy: 69,6 years (UNDP, 2019)
Literacy rate: 80.5% (UNESCO, 2015)
Religions: Buddhism 96%, Islam 3%, Christianity 1% (World Population Review, 2018)
Human development index: 146th / 189 (UNDP, 2019)
Official language: Khmer

Planète Enfants & Développement Team in Cambodia


Support for preschools in Cambodia

Improve access to Early Childhood services (3-6 years old)


Fight against gender-based violence in Cambodia

Contribute to the reduction of domestic violence by strengthening the independence of victims


Better living standards in Phnom Penh slums, Cambodia

For families to be protected and housed with more dignity


Early Childhood Resource Centre, Cambodia

Improve the quality and access to the services for young children (0-6 years)


Social services in factories, Cambodia

Improve access to health services and early childhood services for the workers of the textile industry in Cambodia