27 Oct, 2021

Béryl Bogui, in civic service at Planète Enfants & Développement for almost a year, answers some questions about her role and her missions within the association. 

What is your background? 

I did a Master's degree in International cooperation policy at Science PO with the idea of working in diplomacy or cooperation. I did a first internship in an embassy and a second one at UNESCO: these two internships were oriented towards project management but especially towards coordination from the head office. I wanted to be in the field. I therefore decided to work for an NGO to be in contact with the beneficiaries and I am currently at Cambodia for a month and a half.

What is your mission at PE&D?

 Initially recruited to assist my colleagues in Vietnam, the health crisis prevented me from going there. I worked remotely from Paris before being able to go to Cambodia a few weeks ago. 

My missions are thus varied: I mainly support the monitoring, evaluation and communication on Instagram of project Hy Vongagainst violence against women in Vietnam. The Instagram account goes beyond communication, it is a real tool to raise awareness of young Vietnamese on the subject of violence against women but also on gender in general (see hyvong4equality account). 

I thus have the chance to see the whole of the project management cyclejet.

Why did you choose PE&D?

I was looking for missions in Southeast Asia and PE&D proposed one on themes that were particularly important to me (education, access to education, gender...).

What do you like most about what you do now?

I am never bored and I really touch everything.

There is also the fact that now that I am in Cambodia, I can finally go to the field and be in direct contact with the beneficiaries.

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