Let's mobilize against human trafficking

17 Oct, 2018

anti-trafficking day

Every year, more than 2 million people are trapped. 80% of these will be sexually exploitedmost of the others will be modern slaves condemned to forced labor associated with moral and even sexual harassment, brutality of all kinds. Others, especially children, will be forced to steal and beg.

These people have only one asset to survive: themselves.

Trafficking is everywhere in the world, including in France, but it is not a fatality!

Planète Enfants & Développement has been fighting this scourge for years and acts on two fronts:

  • in France, alongside Collective "Together against human trafficking, a network of associations created to fight more effectively against this crime by calling on our government to ensure that the second National Action Plan (the first took place between 2014 and 2016) is finally implemented and that victims are identified and protected. Relay our call!
  • in the field, in Nepal for the past 15 years, but also now in Vietnam and Cambodia with victims and vulnerable people, fighting against the roots of this phenomenon - the poverty, l'ignorance and the discrimination girls and women - and for the emancipation of people.

Let's mobilize against this crime! Every donation counts!

For example, a donation of 50€or 17€ after tax deductionis sufficient to pay for a day's work for one person. psychologist to treat the trauma of trafficked persons.

A gift of 100€or 34€ after tax deductionis equivalent to one month of kindergarten for the child of a sexually exploited girl in Kathmandu.

A gift of 225€or 77€ after tax deductionrepresents the investment needed to launch a micro-business by a woman who wants to get out of a mafia environment.


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