Meeting with Rosine Kiema, Biibop representative, at the Lafi Bala festival

Jul 10, 2019

On November 2, 2018, Biibop won the Lafi-Bala Prize at the 15th edition of the International Handicrafts Fair of Ouagadougou (SIAO) for its networking with Burkinabe artisans, its innovative character, its social vocation, and its collaboration with the Zoodo Association for the Promotion of Women (AZPF). This prize allowed Rosine Kiema, Biibop's representative, to come and present her toys and educational materials in France during the Lafi Bala festival in Chambery from June 28 to 30. Rosine Kiema tells us about Biibop.


lafi_bala " Biibop is a social enterprise created in Burkina Faso to provide kindergartens, early learning centers and families with quality educational material, designed at 100% in the country, with raw materials available locally, by Burkinabè craftsmen.

The educational material produced by Biibop responds to a real need in Burkina Faso: childcare facilities for children from 0 to 6 years old often lack the means to provide quality educational materials. Most of the games and toys are imported, expensive and not adapted to the socio-cultural context of the country. "

However, play is one of the most appropriate methods for supporting children in their development and putting them in favourable learning conditions. It allows him to imagine, share, decide, reflect, observe, invent, organize, compare, look, plan, touch.

Each step, from the design to the manufacturing of Biibop toys and games, is thought out to have a positive impact on the local socio-economic fabric and the environment. From the dinette made of hooks, to the memory game made of loincloth, to the construction games, Biibop offers a diversified range of toys adapted to each child's stage of development.

All Biibop products are made from local materials. Ten artisans, carpenters, painters, seamstresses and weavers, work on their production. While ensuring its financial viability, BiiBop's profits will be reinvested to pursue its social mission, to develop the capacities of children from an early age and to create the conditions for their success.


During her stay in France, Rosine Kiema had the opportunity to visit two day care centers and an elementary school in Chambéry to discuss pedagogy and have children test the games. On Sunday, she also participated in a "talk" on the theme of pedagogy in Burkina Faso: a good way to present the context of preschool in Burkina Faso and the importance of investing in the awakening of the youngest for their future.

Biibop website

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Every two years since 1996, the city of Chambéry proposes a festival dedicated to Burkina-Faso in collaboration with the association Chambéry Ouahigouya



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