The Chepang girls' boarding school: an opportunity to raise awareness of violence among the surrounding population

18 Feb, 2022

Nepal. A group of women meet every month in the new Chepang girls' boarding school in Dhading, built by Planète Enfants & Développement. They discuss social issues around violence because they want to change beliefs and practices that are harmful to women in their community. It is also an opportunity to promote the integration of girls among the population, to ensure their safety and well-being.

The teenage girls in the new home being built in 2021 in Dhading come from different remote villages. Upon their arrival, 9 women from the region formed a group to create a link between the girls and the inhabitants.

Under the leadership of our partner Prayas Nepal, the group and invited members of the population meet every month alongside a social worker. The meetings include discussions on issues such as gender inequality and human trafficking that are prevalent in their community.

At the last meeting, held on January 26, the women addressed the issue of increasing sexual violence in the region, its causes and effects. The session gave them the opportunity to share their own experience, but also to find keys to provide listening and support to women victims of violence in their environment.

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