Social and Professional Inclusion

“I have now become a totally different person, it is incredible! I can read and write.”                                                                                 Chea Chandav, Cambodia

Planète Enfants et Développement’s vocational training initiative is implemented in line with the social action programs that are carried out to help vulnerable people in the countries where we work.

The vocational training projects allow young people with few qualifications who lack a job to receive vocational training and have access to employment.

These young people, between the ages of 14 and 30, are informed about all of the various trades as well as available training which opens doors to the trade that motivates them. They are also prepared for the difficulties that they might encounter. Afterwards, they register for the training and receive follow-up support. Having attained their qualification, they are then guided through the job market to find a job in their corresponding qualification field. For this, the project’s social team works daily with the young person towards socio-economic autonomy. This work is done in connection with training centers, businesses, employers, sectoral groups and cooperatives.

Our programs also include the process of reintegrating children and young people that live on the streets. The youngest are placed in families or communities. The older ones are helped to complete a vocational project as well as during the first months of their lives as independent young adults.

After a couple of years, these initiatives were extended to the young mothers, fathers or teenagers that were followed by our family support program. Community and reintegration centers have also been set up to take responsibility for victims of exploitation, offer them the possibility of being trained in a new trade and become independent in the long term. In Vietnam, in response to strong demand, a vocational training project has been put in place. As we have seen that the family environment is a key element in the success of a young person’s project, we have merged training centers with those for family support so that young people and their families get an all-inclusive service, addressing all of their difficulties.

2019 results:

170 young people followed in 2 vocational training centres in Vietnam

57 teachers trained in the guidance and support of these young people

11 apprenticeship students in the nail salon Là Nails in Vietnam

40 vulnerable young people between 13 and 18 years old involved in the “Imagine School” learning programme in Vietnam.

Shanti, solidary sewing workshop

In Nepal, the Shanti project is a solidary workshop for sewing and creating bags and accessories. This was set up in conjunction with a community and reintegration center for young girls who are sexually exploited in Kathmandu or who are extremely vulnerable to abuse. It is designed for young women from the center who are eager to reintegrate by learning a trade that they can then practice in a company or by creating their own business.

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