Protection Against Violence

Despite governmental efforts to reduce gender-based violence, violence towards women and young girls continues to be one of the major problems in he societies of our countries of intervention. Largely underestimated and generally socially accepted, this violence remains a monstrous issue and can take various forms: physical, sexual, psychological and/or economic.

The Planète Enfants & Développement program aims to reduce the prevalence of all forms of domestic violence.

For this, one of the main strategies of the project is based on the “husband’s school” methodology, developed by the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) in Niger, which aims to involve men through various activities in order to make inherent behavioral changes possible. Awareness sessions are also conducted with teenagers to help them question traditional gender roles and relations. Ultimately, the mechanisms for the protection of women and the skills of healthcare and education professionals are improved in order to bring an efficient, coordinated and lasting response to this social issue.

Planète Enfants & Développement also implemented techniques to reduce domestic violence. We do this by reinforcing the autonomy and skills of women and young girls. These are expressed through education, public awareness and the implementation of victim support services.

Finally, to improve the protection of children, especially in Kathmandu, Nepal, Planète Enfants & Développement focused on improving social services and reinforcing the knowledge of stakeholders responsible for the protection of children. This is particularly the case of volunteer advisors who listen and give advice adapted to the needs of children and families monitored in the city’s advice centers.

“My most significant experience is when I managed to stop a marital conflict. Beforehand, conflicts between couples did not interest me, I didn’t think that this was any of my business. Now I realise that marital and parental conflicts are not good role models for children and that they can affect the whole family as well as their neighbours.”

Chal Chantou, beneficiary

“I could not imagine that I would have the life that I have today and that I could develop my self-esteem again. I also could not imagine that I would find self-confidence again as well as my motivation and determination.”

Beneficiary, victim of marital violence in Nepal

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28 November 2019


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