Improving social services and living conditions for vulnerable families in Ho Chi Minh City – Vietnam

Why act in favor of the vulnerable families of Ho Chi Minh City?

In Ho Chi Minh City, 13.6% of the population are immigrants and the number of families in poverty remains high, despite the progress and the dynamism of Vietnam these past years. Due to financial, legal, of ignorance and even of self-exclusion reasons, these families encounter significant difficulties in accessing basic services such as housing, health, education…

Local authorities, notably DOLISA (Department of Social Affairs) of Ho Chi Minh City, are committed to reducing poverty and improving the living conditions of the people, yet struggle to carry out their mission due to the lack of adapted approach, material and technology resources, and coordination.

How to improve the living conditions of these marginalized families?

Supporting vulnerable families
Since 2011, Planète Enfants & Développement has been implementing a program of Family Development in Ho Chi Minh City in three districts: District 8, District 9, and the district of Tan Phu. We have developed a method of social assistance (called “Family development”) for families in hardship, for 6 to 9 months, in their homes or at the social centers. The vulnerable families benefit from psycho-social monitoring that aids them in distinguishing their problems (health, education, administrative, revenue, domestic violence, etc.) and guides them to resolve the issues.

At the centers established by PE&D, in partnership with the Social Work Center for Children and DOLISA, information and counseling from social workers are provided. Our team on-site runs a network of more than 100 social service providers, both public and private.

By creating a lasting bridge between these families and their environment (the services in the city), our goal is to strengthen their capacity of resilience, to overcome their difficulties, and to recover up until they become self-reliant and in possession of their rights.

Supporting local authorities
To permanently provide quality psychosocial support in the city, the project also aims to transfer our methodology of family development to the social services of Ho Chi Minh City. To ensure full ownership of the model by the city, we have developed methodological tools and we train social workers to set up and manage social centers.

Ho Chi Minh City has awarded a certificate of merit to Planète Enfants & Développement in 2017, 2018, as well as in 2019 for its decisive contribution to the improvement of the humanitarian situation of the inhabitants since 2011.

The mid-term goal is to disseminate our family development model to the entire city of Ho Chi Minh and the neighboring provinces.

Our Recipients

  • Vulnerable families from precarious districts who confront health, psychological or social issues:

In 2018, 445 families benefited from the support of social workers on duty or outside of the regular home visits;

  • 245 social workers and community counselors were trained with the methodologies of family and social development in 2018.
Ho Chi Minh City
May 2011 – April 2020

Logo d'une poignée de mains représentant la collaboration de Planète Enfants & Développement avec des partenaires locauxOur Local Partners

  • DOLISA – Department managing the policies of the social affairs of the city.
  • Committee of the people in the districts of intervention – Local authorities in charge of identifying the families and referring them to PE&D.
  • Social Work Center for Children – Public service that collaborates with PE&D on strengthening the skills of community counselors and child-protection officials.