Let’s fight against exploitation of women and children!


Improve laws and their implementation on the ground

Our advocacy work initiative on the ground aims to support partner associations in their advocacy work on specific topics and in line with their mandate. This includes the correct implementation of laws regarding the protection of children and women from domestic violence and human trafficking, the implementation of laws regarding emigration, the training of local players and in particular the training of local authorities in legislative and regulatory frameworks, the denunciation of the banalization of prostitution and of the risk of regulation.

Improve laws and their implementation in France

In France, Planète Enfants et Développement supports our advocacy work through a network of partner associations who share all or part of our fight. Our “network partners” allow us to meet with our peers and other players fighting for the protection of children and with them we can share good practices, skills and exchange views on topics specific to our initiatives. We are also partners of solidarity websites, which allow us to raise money and cross-promote.

Together against trafficking

Together against trafficking of human beings is a collective established in 2008 that aims to regroup the forces denouncing and acting against the commodification of people. Its aim is to lead French and European policymakers to make a commitment in the fight against this type of crime and better protect victims. Every year, the collective organizes a conference on October 17th, the European day against human trafficking. Planète Enfants & Développement has been a member of the collective, which consists of 26 associations, since 2010.

The collective has published 2 leaflets for the general public:

⇒ “The impact of migration policies on human trafficking”

⇒ “Human beings, victims of trafficking”

So that childhood is never a trade again