Covid-19: your donations make a difference in Nepal

Nov 9, 2020

With the support of our corporate and foundation partners, and our donors, we distributed food allowances and vouchers to families in Kathmandu and Dhading last spring. A look back at this emergency aid.

"I have nothing to eat and I have nothing to feed my children. I used to sell vegetables on a cart. But because of the confinement, I had to stop my activity. I am unable to pay my rent and food for my child. Keshmayaone of our beneficiaries

Mira, also unemployed following the closure of the dohori (karaoke) where she works, was refused her request for support from the municipality because she is not a Nepalese citizen...

Faced with this distress, we first selected the most vulnerable people who were at risk of falling into extreme poverty. With our partners Child Nepal, Chhori and Prayas Nepal, we paid an allowance of :

4000 Nepalese rupees (30€) to 276 women that we follow in Kathmandu and to 23 girls from the Chepang communityWe also provided food coupons to 130 families in a slum in Kathmandu (Paurakhi Basti).

I had some savings from selling clothes. I spent it on food, rent and my son's treatment. My oldest son is diabetic and I didn't even have money to buy his medication. I was very worried. I learned that Child Nepal / Planète Enfants & Développement was distributing aid to its needy beneficiaries. I felt like God was listening to me and helping me." UrmilaA woman who was exploited and supported by PE&D in her professional reconversion

"The coronavirus and containment sank my business. I spent all my savings on our daily needs. With the money I received I was able to buy rice, cereals and fuel. This is a first relief."   Sarada who had left the operating networks and opened a small restaurant with our support.

The spread of the coronavirus ignores borders and hits the most vulnerable the hardest. The situation is still critical, with more than 3000 new cases per day. For more than 8 months, the Nepalese have been living in slow motion because of the Covid-19. Beyond the sanitary crisis, the economic consequences will trigger dramatic situations: loss of jobs, eviction from housing, malnutrition, school dropout...

Since the beginning, we have been mobilized to prevent our beneficiaries from falling into extreme poverty. Thanks to Crystal Kids, to the Foundation of France and to all our donors for their support to Nepal during this crisis.

November 10, 2020

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