Covid-19 in Vietnam: we distribute products to families in need

13 Apr, 2020

Distribution of products to 30 vulnerable Vietnamese families

As a result of the containment measures imposed to curb the epidemic, many Vietnamese have lost their jobs or have seen their income seriously reduced. Our team in Vietnam has reorganized its activities in order to best accompany families in Ho Chi Minh City during this difficult period. 

We decided to partner with the NGO TFCF in Vietnam to distribute food kits to 30 families in need on April 9, in District 9 and Tan Phu District. A kit composed of essential products was distributed to them to face the epidemic: rice, noodles, canned meat and fish, corn grains but also soap, hydroalcoholic gel, toilet paper and bleach. 

In order to respect the recommended social distancing measures, each family came in turn to collect their kit in the social center. 

Health consequences, but not only...

In addition to the major health aspect, the coronavirus crisis has already had serious economic consequences, which are particularly felt by the most vulnerable. Indeed, the containment measures imposed to stop the epidemic have led to the closure of many companies. Some Vietnamese have lost their jobs, while others have seen their income decrease. This is a hard blow for the most vulnerable families that we have been following for many years in underprivileged areas of Ho Chi Minh. 

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April 13, 2020

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