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29 Nov, 2017

At Vietnam and the NepalViolence against children is very present and the fight against violence is an integral part of our action.

In Vietnam, where child protection services exist, we support them in a more systematic treatment of violence, especially domestic violence.

In Nepal, our approach focuses on establishing protection mechanisms, which we then scale up to improve access to protection services for populations at risk.


woman_workshop_nepalIn Vietnam, developing protection services for children and their families

Since 2010, we have been working with the public service to protect children and address violence, particularly domestic violence. Reception centers, awareness workshops and home follow-up have been set up to support families.

This year, we are entering a new phase: the transfer of these activities to community advisors and child protection staff in order to sustain these services for the most vulnerable families.

Results: In 2 years, approximately 1000 children have directly benefited from child protection services and 2400 families have benefited from psycho-social follow-up.


Empowering women and educating children exposed to violence in Nepal

This project targets two vulnerable populations who are targets of violence and discrimination: the Chepang community, a caste considered inferior, in Dhading district, and girls and women who are victims of sexual exploitation in Kathmandu.

Both Chepang and exploited women are disenfranchised and suffer domestic and sexual violence.

To break the cycle of violence, our goal is both to protect children, through the emancipation of their mothers, and to develop pre-school education for children, to make them evolve in a non-violent environment and to promote their future autonomy.

Thanks to this project, the Chepang women and the young girls who benefit from it in Kathmandu are no longer victims of their lives, but they become actors in it, and their children are vectors of change.

Rajina's testimony : Rajina, a young Chepang woman accompanied by Sita, a social worker, finds the confidence to protect her children.

Some of the activities deployed on the "Emancipation and Education" project:

  • Training of 500 women and girls to exercise their rights
  • Social support for 200 women and girls and follow-up by a social worker
  • Professional integration of 200 women and girls (towards employment and income)
  • 30 children and their mothers in our early childhood development center
  • Parenting Education

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