Strengthening child protection systems in Cambodia :

To prevent and respond to violence, exploitation and abuse

Why ?

The Partnership Programme for the Protection of Childhood (3PC) was launched in 2011 and was originally designed, on the one hand based on a thorough assessment of the situation in which the children were living and, on the other hand, taking into account the already existing responses at the local level in Cambodia.

Friends-International, the Ministry of Social Affairs and UNICEF jointly created this programme including NGOs selected for their work on behalf of disadvantaged children in Cambodia. 3PC currently operates in 7 provinces in Cambodia.

How ?

This programme is designed to strengthen child protection services through:
– improving the coordination of social services in Cambodia;
– building the capability of NGOs and the Government based on shared experience and common learning;
-the creation of a national child protection system in Cambodia

This programme is composed of:
-10 NGO partners in charge of its implementation including our local partner, SKO.
-6 technical partners providing their expertise in areas such as legal assistance, capability building, technical advice, the development of documentation for training, research, etc.

The main activities carried out by our partner, SKO, are:
– Parent/child activities to strengthen relationships between parents and their children in order to prevent possible violence against children.
– Social support /follow-ups with families for the most disadvantaged households in the South of Phnom Penh.
– Training volunteers to provide support to the most disadvantaged families.

For whom ?

  • Between 2016 and 2018: 297 children and 148 parents with parents/child activities; 260 children and 120 parents for the follow-up and family support; 75 voluntary members of local authorities to provide regular family support.
  • Social services staff, non-governmental organizations, government staff, local authorities, officials

Location: 7 provinces in Cambodia for the whole program and in the South of Phnom Penh for the intervention of our partner SKO.
Duration of the project: Since 2011 for the full program (7 years) and SKO between 2016 and 2018 (3 years).