Nepal Women Entrepreneurs project :

Fighting against sexual exploitation in Kathmandu by the socio-economic inclusion of young girls working in “leisure”

Why ?

In a country ravaged by political crises, natural disasters and marked by a strong patriarchal culture, many women see their rights violated and are discriminated against and excluded.

Women and girls are exposed to multiple levels of violence: sexual violence, trafficking, harassment, rapes, forced marriages, as well as a lack of access to property, income… Women also face a grueling daily workload.

The situation is even worse in the countryside than in the town, because traditions are longer lasting. It’s one of the reasons why many young girls leave their village to reach Kathmandu and look for a way to earn a living.

In Kathmandu, the “leisure” industry is looking for naïve and submissive young recruits. 40,000 to 50,000 young women work as waitresses, masseuses, dancers and singers and 50 to 75% of them are forced to provide sexual services and are driven to prostitution. A third are younger than 18 years old, and the vast majority were recruited prior to that age!

How ?

This project aims to provide an alternative to the sexual exploitation of young girls in Kathmandu through socio-professional integration and empowerment and entrepreneurship training. With its experience in the field of the protection of women and its knowledge of the world of prostitution to Kathmandu, Planète Enfants & Développement continues its social and professional rehabilitation work of the most vulnerable women in the Kathmandu Valley.

The project is based on a pre-existing knowledge of the services of vocational training, micro-credit systems and micro-entrepreneurship in the Kathmandu Valley.

First of all, we provide comprehensive support to women working in ‘leisure’. Then, we try to guide them towards reintegration in the Nepalese society, through alternative vocational training.

For whom?

  • 28 beneficiaries of vocational training
  • 32 recipients of support to income-generating activities
  • 20 beneficiaries of the shelter
  • 15 beneficiaries of microcredit groups
  • 20 recipients of the sessions “of empowerment.”
  • 30 recipients of the training for entrepreneurship and career development

Location: Kathmandu Valley, Nepal
Project duration: 1 year