Help climate migrants in Cambodia

Bring secure and dignified housing to climate migrant families in Phnom Penh

Why ?

The alarming climatic situation in Cambodia (drought, flood, etc.) has a direct result of strong demographic growth in the cities, especially in Phnom Penh. These migrant communities set up in the slums on the outskirts and find it difficult to get a job, often only finding informal work. They live in unstable habitats subject to floods and fires. At the same time, members of these communities are facing other challenges such as increased spending because city life is more expensive for these people who are used to living self-sufficiently in their rural areas. Additionally, there are often social issues related to the lack of jobs, such as domestic violence, child trafficking, drug comsumption, or even child labour. Finally, it is difficult to access public services, in particular water, causing bad hygiene conditions and a lack of sanitation.

How ?

This project, which has been carried out by our local partner, SKO, with the technical support of Planète Enfants & Développement, has the below objectives:

1) support the improvement of 80 houses in very disadvantaged urban areas through the distribution of repair kits co-financed by the beneficiary families.

2) support for the implementation of WASH (WAter Sanitation Hygiene) projects identified and implemented by the communities themselves.

3) the circulation of information about secure housing to encourage the improvement of the area by the communities themselves.

4) assistance and social assistance to the most vulnerable families.

For whom ?

  • 15,743 members of families in the Mean Chey District in Phnom Penh: Deum Cham and Prek Takong 3, Prek Takong 1 and Prek Toil.
  • All inhabitants of the 4 beneficiary villages, that is 140,519 people.

Location: In the villages of Deum Cham and Prek Takong 3, Prek Takong 1 and Prek Toil within the districts of Chbar Ampov, Mean Chey, Phnom Penh
Project duration: 18 months