Burkina Faso: They thank you for your donations

Last April, I asked for your support for trainee childminders in Ouagadougou. You responded and thanks to your donations, we paid 20,000 CFA (the equivalent of €30) to 116 women in difficulty.

Our team visited the facilities hosting the trainee childminders in Tanghin-Dassouri, Pabré, Saaba and Ouagadougou between mid-April and mid-May, in order to review their professional and personal situation, and then to provide them with this financial aid. Indeed, to be able to attend their course, these women had to give up their small jobs and sometimes cycle long distances every day: we were able to appreciate the efforts they made to finish their course and the importance of this donation to help them cope with their daily expenses during this period.

After 12 days of theoretical training followed by 3 months of practical training, 135 women from this latest intake sat their exams last week to obtain their Basic Qualification Certificate and become self-employed childminders or childcare workers. 133 of them have now graduated!

We will continue to support them in the coming months in their professional integration. I wish them good luck and thank you from the bottom of my heart for having contributed to, I hope, changing their lives and that of the little ones entrusted to them.

Estelle Dahani, Burkina Faso Director of PE&D

22 June 2021