Thanks to you, we have already raised €1,181 to support our childminders in training. Many thanks. We still need 2,419€ to give them an emergency donation of 30€ and allow them to complete their training.

Message from Estelle Dahani, Burkina Faso Director of PE&D / 16 April 2021

“If you follow our projects in Burkina Faso, you know that we have trained a new class of 150 women to become childminders in the difficult neighbourhoods of Ouagadougou and its suburbs.

I am writing to you directly today because we have an urgent need for these women. After 12 days of theoretical training, we helped them to find a 3-month internship, which is compulsory for their certification, in crèches, orphanages or any other structure for the education of young children.

We selected these women for our training because of their motivation, of course, but also because they were living in poverty, with a very precarious job.

aking our training is a great opportunity, but it is also a sacrifice. They have to find ways to look after their children, and even if some of them keep a small job on the side (such as market gardening from 4 o’clock in the morning), most of them have lost their meagre income during their training.

In this period of crisis, they alert us: many of them are not sure they will be able to finish their internship because of financial difficulties. Especially since Covid-19 has made them even more vulnerable.

Yet they are over-motivated. For example, two of them returned to training the day after giving birth so as not to miss anything. We can’t abandon them.

So, we want to help them by giving them an emergency grant of €30.

Unfortunately, this budget of €3,600 to support these 120 women was not foreseen in the project.

That is why I am appealing to your generosity today.

We hope to give them this donation at the end of April, beginning of May, at their place of training. It is urgent that they do not subscribe now, after all the steps they have taken.

This diploma that they are going to obtain is the prospect of a chosen, stable and fairly paid job. It is also a source of pride for these women who left school too early, who did not even dream of having a diploma one day. It is social recognition and a boost to their self-esteem.
They are two months away from receiving their certification and they deserve it so much!

In a country where there is only one public crèche in Ouagadougou, and where private and associative childcare facilities are often expensive and have untrained staff, our qualified childminders will open micro-crèches adapted to the needs of families and will improve the quality of existing childcare facilities. This is essential for our little ones who are sometimes neglected or even mistreated.

I know that 30€ is still an effort for many of you in these times. So, I thank you wholeheartedly for this helping hand that you can give them. “

If your donation exceeds the amount needed to help these 120 women, it will be used for the association’s other projects.

27 April 2021