Covid19_Cambodia_Awareness_CampaignsWhereas our EBSS project focused on health in garment factories is almost over, our team in Cambodia has re-launched its activities. We have gathered a network of peer-educators in order to raise awareness among female workers in 3 garment factories about the rights gestures to take to to limit the epidemic spread. 

Awareness, a priority in an epidemic period

Our project supervisor, Mao Sophors, has settled awareness-raising sessions in 3 of our partner factories in the Kampong Speu province.

For 3 days, from April 7 to 9, our teams went to meet the workers in the factories. Infirmary personnel were trained and workers were made aware of the proper health measures to adopt in the face of the pandemic. 

The participants were also informed about the symptoms of Covid-19 and the steps to take in case of contamination. 

Thus, with the help of our worker-educators, 3,300 workers were made aware in the space of a few days. Thanks to these health ambassadors for their commitment ! 

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April 12th 2020