Message from Stéphanie SELLE, Nepal Director for Planète Enfants & Développement :

Nepal_Covid19_Chepang_Emergency“We are very worried about Chepangs, a very poor and remote ethnic community in Nepal gathering around 50 000 people we are following for many years.

Nepal has just imposed containment on Tuesday 24th, March 2020. A lot of Nepalese inhabitants who had migrated from the countryside to Katmandou are now fleeing the city and leaving to remote areas such as Dadhing, the district where Chepangs live. 

Nepalese government has launched a huge awareness campaign as regard to Covid-19 in order to foster the right gestures among the population. 

But this campaign will not to reach the most marginalized castes. Why ? Because it is not translated into all the languages spoken in the country.

With Prayas Nepal, our local partner, we are settling a specific radio program in Chepang language in order to limit the spread of the virus in this extremely vulnerable community where you often have to walk several hours to reach a hospital. In other words, impossible to benefit from emergency care. 

We need your support to translate national radio programs into Chepang language and broadcast new radio programs dedicated to the protection of children

I guess the situation is extremely touchy for most of you too, with many uncertainties. And I warmly thank you for everything you are already doing for us. But if you can afford it, even a few euros can help those who are forgotten. 

Thanks in advance,


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