A new daycare center in Cambodia

2 months before the opening of the first Planète Enfants & Développement (PE&D) daycare center in Cambodia, our team is hard-working on the field to welcome the first children in this innovative space. Indeed, this daycare center will be the first step of a larger project to develop the welcome and quality of services for toddlers in Cambodia. 

The PE&D daycare center should open mid-April 2020. We plan to accommodate up to 40 children from 6 months to 4 years. In this secure family space, conducive to early learning and stimulation through play, parents will have a special place. Indeed, we want to implement parent-child activities because, according to us, coeducation is essential : nothing can be done without the parents !

What makes our daycare center so specific ?

Profitable but affordable, our daycare center will mainly welcome middle-class children from Phnom Penh. Because from 2021, our goal is to reinvest the structure’s profits in the creation of a training center dedicated to toddler years. This center, innovative for the country, will make it possible to train educators in good care practices but also in early childhood development

New ways of caring for toddlers, a challenge in Cambodia

With the fast economic development of the country, many Cambodian women have entered the labour market these last years, which has upset traditional family practices. Collective care arrangements are rare, often private and expensive. Because of a lack of income, a lot of parents have to call on grandparents, who often feel overwhelmed by early learning activities for children. 

Our ambition : develop a new daycare center model in Cambodia, respectful of the child’s pace, replicable in the country and adaptable in other countries of intervention. 

Stay tuned !

February 25th 2020