Construction d'un drainage à Phnom PenhBy the end of this summer, we created two rainwater drainages in the precarious districts of Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

For the inhabitants of these districts, it is a relief. The infrastructures of sanitation and drainage remain widely insufficient in Phnom Penh: between May and October, the monsoon regularly floods the dirt roads. The stagnant water generates, for example, problems of movement, of dumping of litter, and of diseases that primarily affect children and the most fragile.

“It is the committees of the inhabitants of these districts that we support who present their project and handle the administrative questions: obtaining authorizations, connecting with road services. We aide them in financing the system. The construction takes about a month and attracts many curious ones, especially at the arrival of the excavator! Once the drainage is completed, the conditions of the children and the families who live nearby are significantly improved and they are very happy!” clarifies Pierre Larnicol, the head of Poor Habitat (Habitat Précaire) in Cambodia.

September 2019