altrad_440px$50,000. That is the sum aimed at by our partner Altrad by involving its employees and its affiliates with us. This provider of industrial equipment supports the Kindergarten of Hope in Nepal. The school, located in Gongabu, north of Kathmandu, receives about forty children of ages three to six years old whose mothers are involved in the entertainment industry. Our goal is to protect the children, prepare them for their integration into public school and help their mothers to regain confidence and earn a living in other ways.

“It’s a fantastic team doing a fantastic job. It was a humbling lesson to spend time by its side and face its challenges. I am confident that its work has a significant impact on the community, and it is a project that we are happy to support as a group and also as individuals. I really believe that we have the obligation and the responsibility to support these causes and we are content to be involved.” Steve Connolly, Special Project at Altrad.

 October 28th 2019