bidonville-cambodge440pxThis week we began renovating 6 houses in a precarious neighborhood bordering Lake Boeung Tumpun in Phnom Penh, in collaboration with our local partners, SKO and Habitat for Humanity, alongside the vulnerable families. The neighborhood is built on a strip of land that sinks in the large lake. 70% of inhabitants have resided there for decades and live on the sales of vegetables they grow on the water. With pollution in the lake, the harvests continuously drop, and revenues decrease. These families lead very difficult lives. 

The work on the houses will take about ten days. Parallel to the renovations, we will launch the construction of drains on two streets in the city to improve the soil’s absorption of rainwater. These drains will prevent flooded streets. 

Our objective in 2019: Support the renovation of 50 habitats in the slums of Phnom Penh, fund hygiene and sanitation projects to limit floods in the neighborhoods, train the community on drainage techniques, and provide social support for the most vulnerable families. 

May 27, 2019