PE&D stand at SIAO

As a genuine salon of professionals and an undisputed place for the promotion of African craftsmanship, the SIAO strives for the professionalization of a sector, which supports millions of people on this continent. 

In the context of this Salon, we presented our first collection of educational toys for children up to the age of six (made of fabric, wood, recycling materials, etc.), 100% made in Burkina Faso. These toys were manufactured by a Burkinabe social enterprise supported by La Fabrique. 

The company protects each child’s access to quality and welcoming education from the youngest age, with the mission to contribute to the development of the full potential of children through the conception and production of local quality toys, which the majority of educational games and toys are very frequently in Burkina Faso, imported, expensive, and poorly suited to the sociocultural context of the country. 

The Salon has been a great success! Almost all the toys were sold, the company received numerous compliments, and the artisans and designers were proud that their work was appreciated.


Mémory in wax (traditional African fabric)



The company has been awarded the Prize Laafi-Bala by the localized cooperation Chambéry (France) – Ouahigouya (Burkina Faso). This award will allow PE&D to participate in the Festival Laafi-Bala in Chambéry in June. 


Balloons in wax

Balloons in wax


The company presents to us promising outlook for its development: numerous orders, new meetings and partnership, both professional and non-professional!




November 27, 2018