Bluish decorations, soft armchairs, soothing ambiance… The salon, “Lá Nails”, dedicated to the beauty of nails, is a small haven of peace at the center of the tumultuous city of Ho Chi Minh. 


Young So, 16 years old, is practicing with oranges before grating real feet!

Open to the public since October 6th, 2018, the salon was established with the goal of offering training with practical apprenticeship to twenty young people every year. This new approach is tailored to the situation in Vietnam where vocational education is overly theoretical and poorly adapted to the job market, as well as the expectation of the youth; due to the lack of relevant orientation, the rate of the youth dropping out from professional training is staggering (40%)!

This beautiful workshop is the result of joint work done with Nhan Dao, a vocational training center and PE&D partner since 2013, which welcomes an audience of vulnerable and minimally-educated young people, orphans, or families, often from the rural exodus and in social or economic difficulties. In addition to the opportunity to practice real-life situations, our project also incorporates the training for competences and skills necessary for coping with challenges and demands in professional life, including communication skills, flexibility, teamwork ability, stress management, and creativity…

The project must be self-financing by 2020, and the benefits will support the young people in their tuition.

*Lá Nails: Lá from Vietnamese (mutual aid) and Nails from English


November 8, 2018