Photo Illustration

“My name is B.F.. I have 4 children, 2 of whom are girls. You want to know how the project has changed my life?

I don’t know how to talk about it since I was overwhelmed (husband on the run, humiliation, de-schooling of children, insufficient alimentary budget, isolation). I have understood that this does not have to be my fate and that I could pull through and save my children. I started building up confidence and taking care of myself. The amount of money is not the problem, but knowing how to manage it, even if you earn little, it could free you from daily anxiety, and that is my case. 

Now I keep my eyes open regarding my life and the management of my children. I was not able to live up to the responsibilities of mother and wife, but thanks to Agir, I have gotten my life back together. Before I was always ashamed, but today I walk with my head held high with other women.”


September 20, 2018