This week, we are sharing with you some news about our projects in Nepal aiming to increase the income and economic inclusion for female victims of violence.

In Nepal, the violence towards women is very widespread, and hits hard the most vulnerable, including young girls and children, causing grave consequences.

Two communities are at the center of our attention:

  • The Chepang women, members of a cast that is considered inferior, suffer from an intense pressure to marry early. They are thus robbed of their rights to education and to revenues.  Domestic violence is widespread as well in the community.
  • Female victims of sexual exploitation in Kathmandu work in bars, restaurants, massage salons, or other clubs in the capital. These women came to work looking for a better life, and easily found jobs in the “pleasure” sector, but then are often forced by their bosses to prostitute.

With our project “Protection and Emancipation” launched in March 2017, we work with the victims to help invoke a sustainable change. One of the axes of our approach is to increase the income and find different ways of gaining a livelihood. Creating an income generating activity that is stable and appropriate is indispensable for these women to achieve autonomy and to avoid or even oppose a violent family or professional environment, for them or their children.

From January 2018 to June 2018, 250 women will benefit from workshops that will help them orient professionally, develop their enterprises and careers. The goal is for these women to apprehend different ways to gain a living and achieve financial autonomy. All these women who applied will be individually accompanied in their projects.

Besides, these women will receive trainings on finance, savings, and microcredit. They will then be grouped into solidary savings groups, which will bring them protection as well as some supplementary income.


From now to May 2018, we set the goal to help at least 38 women to leave the prostitution sector, and to help 215 women engage in projects that will increase their income.

Coming up soon more news on this project!