Even if the construction is not our expertise, the security in schools and for the inhabitants are determinative for the children’s well-being. We take on projects that better the construction of buildings in times needed such as now in Nepal and Cambodia.


In Nepal, 3 years after the earthquake, new schools are finally emerging


Thaprek school under construction

The earthquakes on April 25th and May 12th 2015 affected more than half of the population in the district of Nuwakot and destroyed partially or completely 51 schools. To guaranty the safety of families and better their living and sanitary conditions, we mobilized immediately to help the people create provisory academic spaces, reinforce the educational methods and identify victims of violence and exploitation. Administrative complications, shortage of materials, climate hazards etc. delayed in part the reconstructions, but today, the foundations and the first floor of the schools are finally visible. These buildings allow students to soon return to their studies in a safe environment, and benefit from educational materials that are catered to their needs.

Rural migration ad climate change: a perfect storm for Cambodian children’s health

In Cambodia, the arrival of massive rural population in the semi-urban districts have engendered the rapid and uncontrollable increase in precarious habitats influenced by inundation hazards caused by climate changes.

Since June 2016, we have been working in suburban areas in Phnom Penh to ameliorate habitats and sanitary conditions of the vulnerable populations there. We distributed repair kits co-financed by the beneficiary families, water filters and fire extinguishers. Besides, we organized workshop sessions on how to adapt to climate change and prevent health risks so that the households can face the unforeseen hazards.

An external evaluation on this project noted very encouraging results: 426 households has directly contributed to distributions of lodgment, and positively impacted 10000 inhabitants in 4 districts. The need to link together sanitary water supply systems is evidently very important and a new phase of research has already started in order to strengthen the pressure on the public powers in order to increase the number of public sanitary water supply systems.

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