Act now to help them grow up in a better world!

Amidst the various humanitarian crises engulfing the world, we want to draw your attention to the actions we are taking to encourage pre-school attendance in young children. This is not an inconsequential issue. EVERYTHING – the fight against poverty and inequality, the anti-war effort, the struggle for wellbeing – depends on the education of our children, and on their development. And when it comes to education, it ALL boils down to those first years of life.

According to many kinds of educational science, nursery school is the place where children learn to socialize, and frequent attendance helps them to become aware and learn. It is also a safe space for children facing adverse circumstances. On the other side of things, early delays in the acquisition of cognitive, linguistic, social and emotional skills are damaging to the children’s development and their futures.
Studies by leading economists such as James Heckman, winner of the Nobel Prize in Economics in 2012, have demonstrated that people who benefit from educational and health programs at a younger age go on to earn around 25% more. In other words, investing in children’s development from a very early age is the most cost-effective way of fighting poverty and all the other problems that come with it.

But there are still too few children with access to preschool education, especially those from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Planète Enfants & Développement have three ongoing programs, benefitting more than 2000 children per year in Burkina Faso, Cambodia and Nepal.
The aim is to help children from disadvantaged families or districts to access preschool education and to protect children between three and six years from violent environments. The impact of these programmes is decisive when it comes to the protection and development of children and their families.

In Cambodia and Burkina Faso, we have made preschool education more accessible by setting up community schools in disadvantaged areas – construction, renovation and equipment – and training teachers. Each year, more than 2000 children, 51% of whom are girls, benefit from this. In the parts of Burkina Faso where we work, the rate of children who attend preschool is 34%, compared to the national average of 4%! In Nepal, our nursery school offers a protected physical environment and psychological support to the children of female sex workers. For the past eight years, we have been running a long-term project with our partners that allows us to prepare between 20 and 30 children each year at the public primary school.

Using the services and structures we have developed, we now want to support local actors working with young children. Together we will design, produce and increase the distribution of textbooks, educational tools, games and toys to promote children’s’ development. We will also spread awareness about early childhood development amongst communities and families, as well as about the benefits of pre-school and everything else that affects their development: nutrition, health, and parent-child relationships.

As you know, it is only thanks to our constant search for funding that we are able to carry out our projects. Your donations will therefore be decisive in the development of our pre-schooling activities in 2017.