Cambodia’s Early Childhood Project: a thriving Resource Centre

At the end of 2016, the teams of our Cambodian partner, Krousar Yoeung, started working to fulfil the game orders received. Since the launch of phase 2 of the “Early Childhood” project in Cambodia, supported by the French Development Agency (ADF), the sale of teaching materials, designed and produced by PE&D’s Resource Centre, has generated over $3,500 in revenue, which has been reinvested in both training and designing new games.

The Resource Center has also completely revised its game and teaching materials production methods to rationalize costs, in particular by using external service providers and workers. It has also decided to strengthen its social policy by employing deaf-mute workers for the production of equipment.

Education remains very formal in Cambodian nursery schools, and few children have access to good-quality materials. And yet the research clearly shows that it is by using pedagogical material independently and free play that children learn most effectively. Distributing the materials we produce is therefore vital to the quality of pre-school education.