Vietnam: congratulations to Phat, new graduate

Jul 22, 2019

training_vietnamDiscover the testimony of our new graduate in Vietnam, Phat!

Since the beginning of our collaboration with the Nhan Dao and Hung Vuong vocational training centers in September 2017, we have accompanied 250 young people to improve their employability and ensure a more serene future. Phat, a young Vietnamese man of 23, living in a precarious and difficult family context, followed the training to become a waiter. He recently graduated: he looks back on his experience and his vision for the future!

- Can you tell us what you have learned from this training?

I have concretely acquired new professional skills with this training, I have progressed in English for example, but I have also developed skills that will serve me in my daily life.

- How do you see the future now that you have this certificate? 

Every day I know what my goal is and what I should aim for. I think I will have a stable job and a safe working environment. It will help me change my life and the lives of my loved ones.



July 2019

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