The Planète Enfants & Développement team


The two directors of Planète Enfants & Développement are Stéphanie Selle and Véronique Jenn-Treyer.

The Executive Board meets 4-6 times per year and presents its reports and strategic plans to the annual General Assembly attended by about 1500 members.  The Board is composed of 12 members, all volunteers:

The committee members:

  • President: Grégory Doucet: Head of Handicap International programs in West Africa,
  • Vice-president: Emmanuelle Bourgueil – Director of Marketing and Communications at an international company operating in the energy sector,
  • Treasurer: Arnaud Barentin – Chief financial officer at UCPA (Union des Centres Sportifs de Plein Air – National Union of Outdoor Sports Centers)
  • Secretary: Elisabeth Kimmerlin – Independent consultant for start-ups and professor of entrepreneurship and innovation for Masters students.


  • Frédéric De Souza Santos – Director of an organization dedicated to the social and professional integration of young people,
  • Marie-Pierre Guicherd – Special advisor for local authorities,
  • Fanny Guidot – Clinical psychologist for NGOs,
  • Carole Lajous – Administrator for major international groups and a national federation,
  • Paul Patte – Former school teacher,
  • Christopher Paterson – Personal transformation coach and enabler,
  • Béatrice Senemaud – Doctor of medicine specialising in public health,
  • Kevin O’Sullivan – Director of the sport and leisure unit at UCPA.

The General Assembly is comprised of benefactors and actors.
– Benefactors are people who are up to date with their annual subscriptions, the figure for which is set by the Executive Board.
– Actors are those benefactors who adhere to the statutes and who undertake voluntary work within the organisation or provide financial assistance. To be actors, members must request the status and be approved by the Executive Board.

An Executive Committee comprising the 4 committee members and the 2 directors meets every 6 weeks to manage the organization’s activities.

The operational team

The headquarters team is based at 53 Boulevard de Charonne in Paris (11th arrondissement) and is comprised of 6 employees, 4 regular volunteers, 2 interns and one person on voluntary community service.

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Our field teams currently operate in 4 countries. Find out more:
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– The Cambodia team
– The Nepal team
– The Vietnam team

« At Planète Enfants et Développement, our project managers have a great deal of freedom. Our projects really are born in the field, based on the needs identified by the local teams. That’s what makes the work so engaging!”
Marie Tessier, country representative and head of projects in Vietnam, and later Nepal, from 2009-2015.

Planète Enfants & Développement projects by country:
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