Testing new mechanisms on a small scale: action research

17 Apr, 2019

In the human field, it is difficult to anticipate the results of an experiment from a theoretical point of view... Nothing replaces the implementation of real actions, coupled with a precise measurement of the results. 


elephant_440pxIn Burkina FasoOur pilot project "Mémoire d'éléphants", which will start very soon, is installed in 10 elementary school in the province of Gourma, in the east of the country, and concerns 3600 pupils.

The objective is to instill the habit of hand washing in young school children to fight against infectious diseases, by transforming a daily chore into a fun routine around a colorful game. To do this, a playful device is set up: a path traced in elephant feet connects the latrines to the canteen through the washing point. The traditional water tank is an elephant's head, the water comes out through the trunk and the ears are mirrors.

The results in terms of washing will be compared to other more traditional and inconclusive outreach devices and a nationwide replication is planned if positive.

April 2019

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