Early Childhood Week: Let's shine a light on them

27 Feb, 2023

What if we took advantage of the 10th anniversary of the Semaine de la Petite Enfance, organized from March 18 to 25, 2023 by the association Agir, to highlight parents from all over the world, early childhood educators, but also our teams and partners in our countries of action? by Nolwenn Deschard, Planète Enfants & Développement's Early Childhood expert.

Nolwenn Deschard, Early Childhood expert

With 10 years of experience in the field of Early Childhood and a background as an educator of young children, I have been accompanying the teams and partners of Planète Enfants & Développement for the past two and a half years in the development and facilitation of parenting sessions so that children from here and elsewhere grow up in a better world.

"You are not born a parent, you become one"Françoise Dolto, a French pediatrician and psychoanalyst, said. So on the occasion of this week of the Early Childhood, we wish to highlight the parents of the whole world, who every day learn to become parents, with sometimes very few resources, help and accompaniment.

Mothers in a parenting session in Nepal

How can we break the cycle of "bad habits", abuse, emotional and educational deficiencies?
This is the question that our local teams and our partners ask themselves, as they work every day to provide the best possible support to these parents, who are eager for information on how to raise their children in a spirit of caring, love and integrity.

Our teams work to guide and mobilize parents on the importance of doing everything possible, from birth, for the overall development of their children. This is done through the animation of discussion time on different themes such as the development of language and gross motor skills, concern about the use of screens, taking into account gender from birth and how to avoid stereotypes in education, hygiene, nutrition and awareness of a balanced diet despite the sometimes difficult access to food, etc.

The strength and courage of the parents we support, who are often in great difficulty, push us to do better and better. While respecting their context, their history and their culture, we accompany them in an individualized way and give them advice and tips to raise their children in an education always centered on their needs.

Early Years Week 2023

Carol Gilligan, an American feminist philosopher and psychologist, introduced the notion of "Care" which advocates relationships between individuals. Talking about "Care", and therefore the needs of the child in their entirety, marked a turning point in the Early Childhood sector It is not enough to wash, feed and dress the child. Talking to him, listening to him, looking at him and responding to his requests, allows the child to stay alive and to become an adult who will be able to take care of others in his turn.

Taking care of children from an early age is a priority! So, you too, take hold of this week of the Early Childhood everywhere in France.
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